Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Northwest Trip?

It's Tuesday afternoon and I'm back in San Francisco, Calif. and hanging with my friend Wade "Dis Cook" Lance. Last week Friday, Wade, Orren and I packed into his 300hp WRX wagon and "flew" up to Portland for the handmade bike show. 10 hours, my ass! On our drive up, we got a bad case of food poisoning (thanks Denny's) and a cracked windshield. Other than that nothing but beautiful views and good times. I even heard a joke about buying cheap soda near Mt. Shasta. Most of you won't understand. We are still confused as to why it's illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon. Regardless, we met up with a pretty good group of guys with Hawaii ties and ended up at a bar called the Red Room on 82nd St. Mr. Wendell even came up from Belmont Shore in SoCal. My old band The Quintessentials were playing there with a few other bands and I eventually got called up on stage to play a few songs. We even had some broad come up to Les and I after the set and show us some of her finer assets if you know what I mean. I miss the rock 'n roll lifestyle. Pretty fun I must say. I'll post some of the pictures from the show later. I'm sure some of you will appreciate them. The bicycle show, I mean. I don't have any pics of the boobies. Scoots Baluts drove down from Tacoma to party with us on Saturday night and almost started a fight trying to cheat at pool. I LOVE THAT GUY! Tomorrow night, I'm off to Minneapolis to freeze off my cojones. Last I saw, it was -7. Sounds like fun.


I did get to see Ryan Barrett while we were in Portland. That kid makes me laugh.

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