Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mexico City X-Games and Interbike Las Vegas

I went to judge the mexico x-games and got to see the basilica of our lady of guadalupe, a tequila factory, and some pyramids. Sean Sexton won. we took photos at the pyramids, one in an ancient hot tub (not a gay hot tube, but the photo won't convince you.) we had a painting party up in mat hoffman's room one night, i think you can bid on them online to help a good cause.

i flew home to hawaii, went to work that night, woke up, worked that morning, then flew to las vegas for interbike/nora cup/levi's video premier that night for a day. there are photos from nora cup, you should know who everyone is in all da photos, yes that is CRU JONES! marty got wasted and passed out... sorry marty. da boys got more photos, so wait fo da next blog. Shoots and Mahalo, B.I.G.

Friday, September 5, 2008

ho faka was mean

Sunday's bbq went off with no m.k.'s hope everybody had fun and got full.Thanks to Wally and Duanne from BIKEFACTORY, Mike, Justin at KICKS/HI, and everybody for showing up and having good time. Pictures to follow soon.See y'all next time. SHOOTS!!!!!