Tuesday, June 30, 2009


S&M Bikes / Nui Art Projects
Hawaii Limited Edition LTF
It's only $420* to get one of these limited frames. Send me an e-mail with the frame size you want to bigisland@shootsbrah.com. If we still have it in stock, i will send you an invoice through Paypal.com. We will give you 24 hours to pay it, then we ship it straight to you. First come, first serve. Shoots and mahalo for your support, Big Island.

*International orders are a little more for shipping.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

(No) Homo . . .

We've pretty much all been considered jokers in our own right, but Tarrin took the time out to manipulate a "Gizmo" sticker into this and it ended up on Rams' fiances car. I don't have the pictures of him wearing a huge smile by the back door and holding a bottle of lotion yet but I will post them when I get them. They're too funny.

And Jeff probably won't be happy when he sees that we posted a pic of him on this Recumbent. Jeff really is bent! You're all just lucky that we didn't include the infamous bagel shot.

Monday, June 15, 2009


tattoo fun! snorkel wee!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sandbox BMX - Sand Island

Alright guys, so from what I hear the BMX track is coming to fruition. After months and months . . . well, years of red tape it looks as though the green light has been given and the track should be materializing within a few weeks. Big Wave Dave is already talking smack about kicking everyones ass. I guess we'll have to put his bike back up on the roof. Anyways, here is a preliminary concept drawing. I like the row boat, it reminds me of the qualifiers from Rad!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hawaii Limited Edition LTF Release Party!

The King Kamehameha Day Celebration / Hawaii Limited Edition LTF release party was a huge success!

"The headtube really does work!" - Big Island quoted on opening his beers.

The frame was on display for all to see and touch. The frame was illuminated under a brilliant (or should i say genius or Guinness) neon light.

The crowd* was treated to Guinness beer with no lines to wait in, a very VIP / exclusive event.

*The crowd was me and six of my best friends**
**By friends I mean Guinness.

We have already gotten orders on-line and Ride BMX on-line mentioned the release. I'm sure they can't wait for the release party pics... crazy shit.

Shoots and Mahalo to everyone who supports shootsbrah.com!


Thanks for the rat guys.

Happy King Kamehameha Day!

S & M Bikes
in collaboration with
Nui Art projects
hardly presents
The Limited Edition LTF Hawaii frames.
Only 50 frames will be made, since Hawaii is the 50th state, it made sense at some point to do just 50.
Available in clear coat with different sizes to choose from.
The Hawaii LTF features a Tiki engraved headtube with it's mouth as a bottle opener. Drinking just got that much cooler, I mean BMX just got that much cooler.
E-mail bigisland@shootsbrah.com right now to pre-order your frame... today... hurry! Once they're gone, they're gone.
Happy King Kamehameha Day! June 11, 2009.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

drivin' me crazy

goin' back to cali... or maybe should i say drivin' way to much in cali. went out there for some x-games judges meeting.

i got in sunday morning via mai tai class upgrade, drove down to encinitas for a california burrito from juanitas. chilled with chris, and mike rooftop escamilla came by to get his twitter on.

chris came up to huntington with me to visit christian hosoi's sanctuary where we got to hear Jay Haizlip's sermon. fightin the good fight of faith.

then back down to san clemente to get our backyard surf encyclopedia knowledge on with chris moeller and melissa over some chilled beverages. back down to encinitas for another round of juanitas. back up to lax, trying to stay awake and already having to fill up the rental. the condor mat hoffman is cruzin up the the hotel too, just in time to pull up, pick me up and shoot up to the shamrock social club tattoo shop up in hollywood on sunset blvd. everyone was wrapping it up so we went to the rainbow room across the street where we ran into hoffman bikes team rider zack warden sitting there enjoying some tasty beverages. back to the hotel after a few, we get to the hotel lobby bar to see jimmy levan sitting there waiting for someone to drink a night cap with, we couldn't let him down. monday morning now, time for our meeting, which went by quick and with a lot of bad jokes, of course. it wouldn't be a bmx meeting of the minds without the bad jokes.

double double from in and out burger is what today is about. on to s and m bikes to pick up some samples of the soon to be released hawaii edition of the LTF. fuckin bad ass. june 11 we will have more details... get ready. sean mckinney! ran around more, stopped again for a double double. went to the hotel to pick up nate wessel and shot up to the roosevelt to hang pool side with rooftop and ryan dunn. next thing you know jason ellis, ken block, rob dyrdek, terry kennedy, Sal Masekela, and many others are pool side waiting for the rob dyrdek movie premier street dreams to show across the street at mann's chinese theater. i left to the shamrock to get tattooed. love it there.

thank you again danny romo, love my tattoo.

went back to pick up nate and we went to mels diner for a 3am meal. we got back to the hotel in time to shower, try not to wake anyone, gather my belongings and head to the airport.

back to hawaii. shoots, big.