Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First Fridays, then Ebisu . . . Now Magoo's! Sheesh!

Yes, you read it right. Magoo's will be closing it's doors for good on Friday. I guess the guy will be running Magoo's pizza trucks around Honolulu. I've already seen one in Waikiki. Unfortunately, they won't be selling $5.00 pitchers nor will they have 100+ beer taps. That's OK. They never seemed to have what I wanted to drink anyway. Having said that, Dennis and I and a few of the other Shoots Brah crew will be visiting Magoo's tonight to partake in some frosty beverages just for old times sake. You're all more than welcome to show up and buy us a round.

Shoots, Duane

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Made it to Ebisu!!!

yeeeahhhh, made it on sunday!
grinded some good ass food at Ebisu's fo da last time.
Cuyler and Dawn waited in line fo at least 45 minutes an wen spend
$5O+! (tanks guys! eh, Dawn, did he give you my scripts?)

oh well, i guess we betta start finding da next one fo go unda. Kam bowl, masu's,
bowl-o-drom, chunky's, etc...etc...dis ain't da mainla........

fuck you,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ebisu_2 Days left!!!

Yup, anotha mom & pops store is closing in Hawaii Ne. fuck.
fuck only goin get haole foods like mc's, jacks, walmart, get da fucken picture!

dey wuz dea before i wuz born, 30 + years!
go deh tomorrow or else. sunday is da last day, go deh!
eat watevahs dey get, no bitch! jus grinds.

ahh shit, just go eat. hopefully i can make it on sunday fo da last grinds.
some of us gotta work fo 3 weeks str8 and still get fucked over. PTB,TB,BT, fuck you!!!!!

dey stay on south king st, between pumehana and mccully st. just look fo times on da left and stay on da far right hand lane. no parking but fuck em just go grinds.

shoots, go grind!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

T.G.I.F. . . R.I.P. . .

Aloha guys, it appears that our local hangout T.G.I. Fridays on Ward has closed it's doors. I got the word during a phone call earlier tonight. Since it was so close to the shop, it's obviously a hit to our routine. We've had some pretty good times at that joint. We took Heath, Sequoyah, Rob, and Scoots Baluts there on their last nights in Hawaii. We've taken visitors from all over the world there for "frosty beverages" and tasty libations. We had Jeppry Jay so drunk he had to be carried out before he left for NCL. I fell through the railing trying to dodge a smack to my balls. We got pictures of our boy Rex "riding the cock" on their rooster carousel gig. We have definitely "partaken" at this place. Plus, their commercials are way better than Outbacks. If you've ever shared a drink with one of us there, please leave a comment and show your love.


Saturday, June 9, 2007


I just got to spend some time on Maui and work with my old boss. On the first night I was there, I went to the Ale House in Kahului with my boy Shawn from South Maui Bicycles. There I got to roll with . . . drum roll, please . . . Dino! We hungout, drank a few beers, played some pool and then went and played some music at Dino and his cousin Lances' place. It wasn't smart on my part considering I had to be at work the next morning but it was a gang of fun. And if you'd like to know, Dino is doing fine.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Shoots! fuck I still neva put up da fotos from Cali & da Hawaii premier of Etnies "Grounded" vid shit. Been slavin' away fo fucken 3 weeks since our trip to Cali(wuz only 2.5 dayz. yet we gotta fucken work fo 3 weeks str8.) fucken slackers. shit man! shit fano...

lots of good times, and da Hawaii one at Hard Rock wuz dope. small kine reunion fo some of us old fucks. wuz good to see Max & Little Tom (he not little no mo')Ewa Beach Dave, G-dogg, and Marty S.(Mongoose vert guy from back in da dayz.)

Mahalos fo everybody who wuz over deh! wuz good fun. and Mahalos to Hard Rock (Jason & crew) & Calvin (our Steinlager sponsor) fo having us ova deh!


oh yeah, Scoots is coming back next week and Ramrod flew in dis morning from Japan.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Thanks to all for coming out to the Grounded video premiere at Hard Rock Cafe last night. The staff there was excellent and we've already started talking about other promotions. The video was awesome and I'm sure we'll have some for sale real soon so you can really watch it . . . over and over. A big Mahalos goes out to Calvin and the crew at Steinlager for coming through and showin' some love. Hopefully, we'll have some pictures posted here soon and on the Etnies site. So Cal.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


fuck it. just have fun wit it.
BMX is fun, but if it's not fun, just disapear. don't bring othas down.

Cuyler, old man. not yet. TB, BT, ahhhooooooooo!

Happy B-Day mutha fucka!!!!!!!!!!!

Christi.................................aaaaawooooooohoooooooo, TB!
shit man!

Evry body HARD ROCK CAFE! not vegas but da one in Honolulu, HI!
Leigh, where u @?



Image Hosted by
You will be blown away by this video. I'm not sure when we'll actually have them for sale so you better be gettin' down here to see this! Hard Rock Cafe at the corner of Kapiolani and Kalakaua. $8.00, no cover! Just come down, hang out, buy drinks and grub and pay your own tickets. See you there . . .