Monday, August 27, 2007

Pusher it!

eh bruddahs,
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

S&M 20th & more random shitz!

yup, i know, everybody already heard about da party and shit. but fuka dis my version. so anywayz, i flew into lax on thursday wit no sleep cuz i had to work dat same day, liquored up i meet up wit bigs at da sheraton hotel (mahaloz grotbags!) and who stay outside, talking shit wit bigs? everette rosecrans. so funny. try fo sleep at 6:30 am but no can. x-games shit fo da next few dayz. pretty crazy. we saw jake brown almost die. fuck dat shit. get rid of dat big air shit, someone going fo real die! ant napolitian front flip no-hander over 50ft, rooftop & gary young supa nice 360s, steve mccann perfect double tailwhip at 11ft on dat big ass (27ft) quartapipe. mat h going supa high, morgan wade going mo high, kev robinson is nuts, flairs perfect and he will kick yo ass, allan cooke going 70ft upside down wit variations, and 2 fucken howard cossel commetatas behind me analizing everyting, shut da fuck up dis ain't da nfl! mo del tacos! saw redman and expensive taste at some hollywood club, vips, tits, blunts, nah! (mahalos digs!) hung out wit big ed and his crazy ass vato-kine car. park and vert wuz crazy! dmc still blast, new skool kids (warden,dhers, cramner, mccann, etc) rip, tony murray in da haus, shruggy, hosoi & cab, jamie goin supa high and doing crazy variations, oh shit simon tabron back to back 900! wtf, lol, omg, bats, ptb, fucken stop texting me!!!!
shooots, S&M party, we get there and it's crazy, choke peoples, saw old faces, small kine reunion. hawaii kids, paul green, clymer. brah it wuz nuts! ruben from san pedro, duane's "my buddy, hehehe" wuz ova there, just back from mexico. fuck i can't remember too much. afta dat wen go to dis bar in torrance called yes cafe. all jap workas and shit, cool-ass bar. felt like home. dis one chick is funny, she work ova there, her name is sara, no i mean emi, no sally, no emi, no, wateva, hi nice to meet you, i'm jimmy. shoots i'll be back at dat bar in a few weeks. oh shit, we ran into crash at a obon in gardena. and our bartender wen she wuz working at lois'. mo del taco! shhoooots, dats all i can rememba fo now. mahalos to everybody who wen hook me up, mat, grotbags, april, mike c & d, jeremy, bigs, keith, big ed, etc, etc!

kay den,

Sunday, August 12, 2007

otha random shitz.

Ah, shit. forgot some of da shit dat happened in the last couple of months. Scoots Baluts was in town in June, rode some, drank more. Ran into David Q of Fly bikes in Waikiki. Saw Adam Jung at Costco, he stay living in Thailand. if you don't know who Adam is, tank him wen you do forward side glides and dat dual cable shit fo' da gyro. Da "Mad Dog" Moeller was in da haus, brah it's been 16 years since he last wuz hea. Magoo's shut down but dey said somebody going re-open it but maybe unda anotha name. da poki guy is going be working ova deh. Big Ed wen move to Cali. and cut off his long locks.