Sunday, September 27, 2009

San Pedro - Vegas Pilgrimage

This will be kind of an odd post. Since there are 9 different guys associated with this trip at one point or another, we are still waiting on pictures and personal stories so check back frequently over the next few days as more and more gets added to this one.
Although I did get to San Pedro(pronounced /sænˈpiːdroʊ/) ahead of time and had already visited Tip Plus, S&M Bikes and Taco Beach, the first picture I'm gonna post is of Dennis right after I picked him up. We had left LAX and were rolling through El Segundo and guess what we found.

That's Q-Tips' wallet! For those that don't know, look it up.

I'm getting ready for work, but I will say this. The iPhone is taking over the world. In our room the second night, of the 6 guys there 5 had iPhones although Bigs did have everyone beat on the future with his "push-button technology". It seems fitting that we ran into our boy Dustin (of InterBMX fame) and he has designed an app for your iPhone. It is a FREE ap and it links together all the BMX news, blogs and other relevent information into one basic button. No more waiting for pages to load on Safari. Just go to BMX Grub and see what's getting posted about your favorite companies or riders.

To be continued . . .

Shoots, Duane

Friday, September 11, 2009

se and crooks and castles collabo

nice to see bmx still getting love