Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not won, bah two!

So this is officially the third one. Whoopedeedoo!!
Mike, Cuyler, Duane and Dennis will be traveling up to Los Angeles early May. They're hooking up with old friends, and checking out the Etnies Video Premiere in Lake Forest. Mike will definitely be getting a tattoo and Duane might be. They're bringing bikes!! Mandelle might be able to make the trip.
Duane and Tarrin did a new T-Shirt that is available now. If you like look cool, let us know. That's four shirts up fo sale, Chop Sticks, Drugs, T-Shirt and Shootsbrah. What . . . are you gonna buy some mainland shirts? Support Hawaii.
Websightings . . . Log-Dog on T-1's website, KJ on Subrosa's and Marty's new bike on Shadow Conspiracy's.
Mike and Annie showed up in Heavywater magazine. Mike was lit!

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