Monday, May 7, 2007

Shootshai, China

quick is the best way to describe this trip.

left hawaii at 9am tues. drank the plane out of jd. got to shanghai wed. at 5pm.

walked around a bit.

those chinese had a different word for everything.

the traffic lights and lines in the roads were merely suggestions for those commuting.

i don't know if the hotel's breakfast buffet was just for us or all of china... it was huge.

the black market out there is a wild scene. i highly recommend you have dmc do all your bargaining. leigh and catfish got some bling. don't test your bootlegs on your new g5... losey.

went to a local eatery with some folks who own a tattoo shop out there. eels, frogs, and turtles were some of the dishes, and ended up flopping around on our table. note to resturant owners: don't let the drunk kids sit next to the tanks.

hung out at a club with thorne. catfish had bunny ears and zack warden had his x-games silver medal on. the doorman looked like the big dude on big fish, but chinese.

hand plants on vert. alley oop flairs. front flips over the spine. cheese cakey won vert and daniel dehrs won park.

lots of chillin' in the hotel lobby with our own drinks and talking shit.

sat. morning heading back home. good times. shoots brah! B.I.G. out.


nightor said...

yo my friendo.. when you come to visit me in argentina...

visit mys blogspots.. y byeee .. mothafuck°!!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be in HI in June