Sunday, August 12, 2007

otha random shitz.

Ah, shit. forgot some of da shit dat happened in the last couple of months. Scoots Baluts was in town in June, rode some, drank more. Ran into David Q of Fly bikes in Waikiki. Saw Adam Jung at Costco, he stay living in Thailand. if you don't know who Adam is, tank him wen you do forward side glides and dat dual cable shit fo' da gyro. Da "Mad Dog" Moeller was in da haus, brah it's been 16 years since he last wuz hea. Magoo's shut down but dey said somebody going re-open it but maybe unda anotha name. da poki guy is going be working ova deh. Big Ed wen move to Cali. and cut off his long locks.



KJ said...

i thought that first pic was haole kyle at first!

Shoots Brah said...

This ain't Playboy . . . you're supposed to read the captions too, Ding-a-ling! And why he gotta be Haole fo?