Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Tuff-Guys

The Shoots Brah Crew ("Big Island" Mike, Dennis, Duane, Cuyler, "Shogun" Logan and "Scoots Baluts" Scott) was in force in Las Vegas this past week. We were there for the Interbike trade show to see all the new stuffs and party a lil' bit.
The NORA cup awards went down on Thursday, (Aaron Ross - Best Street, Jamie Bestwick - Vert, Matthias Dandois - Flatland, Corey Bohan - Dirt, Ruben Alcantara - Video Part, and Kyle Bennett - BMX). The show was pretty good and finished up with Mini-Kiss, an all midget (sorry . . . I mean little people) Kiss tribute band.
First, however, there was a deal commemerating the Skyway team from 1987 with an emphasis on the Tuff Wheel. All the bad asses from the team were there including Mattt Hoffman, Maurice "Drob" Meyer, Hugo @ Oscar Gonzalez, Rhino, Scotty Freeman, Eddie Roman plus other other notable Tuff Wheel users and Old-Schoolers Pete Augustin, Brian Blyther, Xavier Mendes, Dave Voelker and more that I probably forgot. Check out and for more info and pictures. We'll also post a couple more of our own pictures here when we have time.
There's so many good stories that we'll be bringing to ya!


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