Monday, March 3, 2008

Streets Of Madness Part III is in the bag.

The big show went down last night at Hooters. Out of 9 teams that signed up, 8 brought in videos. From different estimates there was between 75-100 people there specifically for the event and a bunch of passers-by stalling to check out the movies.
I'd like personally thank our Hooters Girls Donna and Alana. I think they did a great job considering the number of guests. I also want to thank The Shadow Conspiracy, Animal Bikes, Subrosa, Sputnik, Profile Racing, Mutiny and Black Lightning for their help with prizes.
The team that took the whole shebang with Best Overall Video was Exil. The Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack awards went to The Real OG's. Best Editing went to The Zoo. The Best 5-0 Hassle went to Oh, Snap!. Best Crash was a 2-way tie between Cedric Ahsing from We Don't Give A F@#* and Kyle Nishimuru from Mililani 2. The Best Trick was also a 2-way tie between Wesley from We Don't Give A F@#* and Sean Parker from Team Haole.
Keep your eyes out for the compilation DVD. I'll contact everyone when I get them back. Jeff Cox came out and took pictures and I'll post more when I get them. You should be able to see the whole deal at

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