Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Justice or Harassment???

can't believe it, got a criminal ticket for drinking, in private property. well at least i thought it was. now i gots to go to court, lose wages, waste time. BULLSHIT!!!
the officer had so many reasons why he had do this. most ridiculous #1: micronesians are complaining to them. citing racism. what da fuck! #2: homeless people are complaining to them.(they don't have any property, but they still get wasted anywhere and beg for money. hmm, what the fuck! #3: ah fuck it, i lose anyway.

so next time you want to drink alcohol at your own home, in your driveway, your work place which is private property, don't put it in a paper bag, just have cars, cardboard, dead people, squat and look really shady, etc. blocking your tasty beverage from the cops, you are ok to yell at people, beg for money, take a shit in someone's (private property) business, you'll be fine.



Shoots Brah said...

Aww, hell!


rAY said...

where was this at?!

p.s. CHEEE

p.p.s. HUUUU