Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good old dayz gone!

wat you stay looking hea is 3 pitchers of PBR for $30. wat da fuck!!!
an' dat's da cheapa beers ova deh. Varsity bar, oh brah. shit we been had!
fuck we shoulda went to rock za for $5.00 34oz beerz, AC & titties! dis is bullshit!
oh well, dat's how shitz goin be from now on.

oh yeah, i forgot to put da verdict on my rinking in drublic bullshit on da otha blog, no drink on private property or get one ticket. yup i lost dat bullshit from da cops and da judge. dey neva like listen to me or look at da proofs. fuck you mr.judge and da police, i'm paying your fucken salary yet treat me like shit. fuck you!!! all dez homeless fucks shits on my house and those dumb fucks won't arrest or give them a ticket or do anyting. pick on da peps dat pays da taxes dat we all werk hard fo!
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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