Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ching Chow Chu Mutha Fucka

went out to shanghai, china for the asian x-games. got stopped at immigrations, stripped down, and they took photos of all my tattoos, welcome to china fucker. hung out at every night drinking guinness.

went to the smp park, fuckin' huge.
got a braddah iz tattoo and did a jesus tattoo on dylan out there.

sorry, leigh. bad timing with my shit camera. leigh went at least 20 feet on this air. tim wood from aussie won vert, 900. garrett reynolds won street, dialed. rob wise and brad simms can bunnyhop over the great wall. young jeremie was sick the first few days. chris senn was rippin shit up on the skate side. i ate frog at a hot pot place. the black market was good this time around, best sweatshirt in the world.

layover in tokyo, ran into scotty cranmer, drank a beer with wessel in the airport bar. shoots, big.

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