Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Here's an email from Jim Drake regarding the BMX side of the Off-road park at Sand Island. If you have the time, please come out and help.

"All BMX enthusiasts,

As promised, I said I would get out a few more details on our BMX racing track building this week. We’re looking for volunteers this weekend to help with the finishing of the track for Sandbox BMX out at Sand Island. Our track builder, Billy Allen, is arriving tomorrow from Colorado and should be complete on two full days of work on the track by this Saturday. We’re asking for volunteers to come out when you can with gloves and tools (shovels, rakes, brooms) to Sand Island starting at 7:30 AM until about 7:45 PM. I realize not everyone can make it, and not everyone has the stamina to last the entire day, but if you can make it at any time during the day, many hands make the work lighter. We’re all volunteers on this project, so anything you can add will be appreciated. The motorcycle guys have been putting in the lion’s share of the heavy equipment work up to this point. Now is our time to show our interest in this project and our ability to “generate a crowd.”

The Island BMX folks will do two shifts each day. Jason Chang will take the morning shift on Saturday, and I will take it on Sunday. Please introduce yourselves if we don’t know you. We’ll try to get as much water as possible out there for you, but since we obviously don’t know how many will show, don’t be afraid to contribute to the cause in this way as well. We’ll also try to set out some food each day around the middle of the day.

On Monday at 10:30 AM, there will be an official ground breaking with Government officials and media. Obviously we’re doing our best to get the word out about the track, and the park in General. Sand Island OHV has done an outstanding job of generating the publicity for this event. As many interested BMX folks that are available Monday would look good for the camera’s, especially since we will be the first track to open up. I expect the Grand Opening to be around October.

Directions to the Park is to take Sand Island Access Road over the bridge and take the first right at the light. You should be able to park in the parking area on the ocean side before the boat ramp. Thanks for your help and hopefully we’ll see you out there! Don’t hesitate to email if you have questions."

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