Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Streets Of Madness Videos are up!

This is the Seventh installment of the Streets Of Madness BMX video contest. It went down March 3rd and 4th. Teams of 3-5 riders have 36hrs to film, edit and deliver their 5-10 minute videos at Hooters. Then we play them and hand out prizes. Special thanks to Hooters, Hale Nui Tattoos, Fit Bike Co., Odyssey BMX, United Bike Co., Skavenger, S&M Bikes and Animal Bikes for all their support. Mahalo to Troy Lee Designs, Primo BMX, Deco BMX, Revenge Industries & Alpinestars for some extra prizes as well.

Unfortunately, not all the videos played but I think everyone had a pretty good time. Next year I'm changing it up a bit. I'll post winners when I'm not at work. In the meantime, please post comments and let us know what you think.

I'm still waiting for 1 or 2 videos so if you have 'em, get 'em to me.


SOM 7 - Smoke Machine from Duane Franklin on Vimeo.

SOM 7 - Team Broke Ass from Duane Franklin on Vimeo.

SOM 7 - Team S.M.B. from Duane Franklin on Vimeo.

SOM 7 - Ali Baba and the Over 40 Thieves from Duane Franklin on Vimeo.

Streets of Madness 2012 from bluemacneil on Vimeo.

NOT OUR YEAR from Joshua Trey on Vimeo.

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THE ZOO said...

Awesome work. Wish i had not messed up my back in the second hour. Next time.