Monday, September 8, 2014

part 2, shit happ...

ok so the next week this shit still continues, pain, pain & more pain.
all i can do is lie on my left side and stare at the bottom of floor. more vicodin & pissed off.
my wife is the best! she would make lunch & dinner and leave it on a tray on the floor before she went to work. i can't thank her enough!
it feels like you are in a nursing home, where she basically did everything. wash my hair in a bucket, hot towel bath & wipe my balls & ass. bunch of bullshit. but i am lucky, some people may not get all this help. brush teeth & floss was hard. and this was only a few days in to this shit!

oh yeah, you won't be taking a shit for a few days. did not know about this.

if you are taking a shit load of vicodin, make sure you eat some prunes for the next few days! no matter how much water i was drinking, it didn't help. just a heads up.

i finally had to shit so i dragged my self to the bathroom in intense pain, tried to sit & shit but couldn't shit cause the pain was too intense. i had to lie on the bathroom floor till the pain went away & crawled my way back into the bedroom. brah, i had to bite on a shirt from the pain, i don't know how else to explain it. didn't shit for a few more days.

1 week into this, i go get a epidural shot, this was on 4.29.14. barely make it to my dad's car, i took a bunch of vicodin just so i can get to the hospital. riding in the wheel chair was more painful than i thought. during my procedure they had me lie on my stomach, which i couldn't do. man that was the most painful shit in my life, i was shaking from the intense pain & just tried to stay still enough so that the doctor can stick the needle in my spine. i couldn't even feel the needle. man, they said my blood pressure was over 200/150 during that procedure.

the epidural shot is basically the needle going to the sciatic nerve area to help relieve the affected nerve. it's a steroid. i heard it supposed to work pretty instantly. it's even given to mother's giving birth. but not for me (what's fucken new) it took about 10 days before i even felt any relief. so don't believe the hype.

i'll stop here. part 3, soon, maybe???


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