Monday, August 10, 2009

Joe Kid

OK, to get everyone hyped up on helping out with building the track at Sand Island, I'll be hosting a showing of Joe Kid On A Stingray at the Waipio BIKEFACTORY this Saturday night, August 15th. This is also to test out my "theater" before our next event. I just confirmed that we get to do a premiere for Stompin' Stu (a documentary about Stu Thompson) on the 28th or 29th of this month. We'll try to have the grill going before 8:00pm and the movie should start at 8:30. I'm hoping that Jason Chang and/or Jim Drake will be there to give us a little bit of a heads up on the Sandbox. We will have coolers with ice for your beverages (BYOB 21 & Over!) If you're going to come out, and you know you should, comment back here and let us know what you're bringing. Bring a dish with some to spare and we can have a nice fun pot luck. If time permits, we can bring out the height poles for some bunnyhops. We might even do drag races and foot down.

I know that not all of our readers are focused on BMX Racing, but I think it's good for us all to come together and some love for the 20's . . . or 24's and 26's for you Cruisers and OM's.

SoCal Dude

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Sam-n-Woody said...

Sounds like fun I am hoping to be able to come out.