Thursday, December 31, 2009

better never, than later...interbike

yeah yeah, it's going to be 2010 in a few hours, but i no care. i was going to put dis shit wen i got back but too much ptb going on...anyway here's some shit dat went down at dis year's interbike trip. enjoy!

duane picked me up at LAX and found q-tip's wallet on el segundo, no cash in it though. went to ruben's new haus (dope) and bbq til way too late, met dis funny hombre luis and jus talking shit wit him and some gortitas. new mexican word i learned. got alcohol poisoning da next morning, puked like 20 times, all da way to jap's cove.(yup, san pedro's got a place called dat.) drove to vegas, too much drinking. met up with marty. marlo met up wit us da next day. sean from maui too. bigs showed up, like 5 am, knocking on da door for eva. partied and werked fo 3 dayz. all good.

Saw a bunch of boyz i neva seen in a long time. keith treanor, troy mcmurray, fids and da bes pistol pete. NORA cup party was fun. too bad a lot of bitching from all the new kids, kinda ruined it fo some. but fuck um, dey goin quit in a couple minutes anyway. del taco and in-n-out fucked my stomach da whole time, tasty but...

we did get to ride muppet show in redondo area, it's a old skool bank to wall, back in the freestylin' mag dayz. i probably forgot more info but, oh well...


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