Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tarrin gave me the rundown on his jam at Pearl City . . . Here's the scoops.
"Just another jam session at the park. Bring your 20 inchers and HELMETS!!! Yes, helmets are mandatory just to ensure that everybody will be safe out there and YOU ARE RIDING AT YOUR OWN RISK! There will be a grill so bring some burgers and dogs to grill up and other foods to share. It's potluck style, so bring generous . . . amounts to share with everybody. DON'T BE A MOOCH AND FREELOAD ON THE GRINDS IF YOU DON'T BRING ANYTHING. There will be a few events and prizes will be given out. BRING POSITIVE VIBES AND JUST HAVE FUN!!! Hit him up via email if you got more questions and to let him know what you're bringing for food at or call him if you have his number or go see him at BIKEFACTORY Waipio. Check SHOOTS!!!!"

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