Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Shoots! fuck I still neva put up da fotos from Cali & da Hawaii premier of Etnies "Grounded" vid shit. Been slavin' away fo fucken 3 weeks since our trip to Cali(wuz only 2.5 dayz. yet we gotta fucken work fo 3 weeks str8.) fucken slackers. shit man! shit fano...

lots of good times, and da Hawaii one at Hard Rock wuz dope. small kine reunion fo some of us old fucks. wuz good to see Max & Little Tom (he not little no mo')Ewa Beach Dave, G-dogg, and Marty S.(Mongoose vert guy from back in da dayz.)

Mahalos fo everybody who wuz over deh! wuz good fun. and Mahalos to Hard Rock (Jason & crew) & Calvin (our Steinlager sponsor) fo having us ova deh!


oh yeah, Scoots is coming back next week and Ramrod flew in dis morning from Japan.

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ebdave said...

Good fun kine stuff!