Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First Fridays, then Ebisu . . . Now Magoo's! Sheesh!

Yes, you read it right. Magoo's will be closing it's doors for good on Friday. I guess the guy will be running Magoo's pizza trucks around Honolulu. I've already seen one in Waikiki. Unfortunately, they won't be selling $5.00 pitchers nor will they have 100+ beer taps. That's OK. They never seemed to have what I wanted to drink anyway. Having said that, Dennis and I and a few of the other Shoots Brah crew will be visiting Magoo's tonight to partake in some frosty beverages just for old times sake. You're all more than welcome to show up and buy us a round.

Shoots, Duane


Unknown said...

I made a video from t-bags trip. How can i post it on this junk? Ill upload it to vimeo and you can post the embeded player or something.

Unknown said...

heres a link to video: