Friday, June 15, 2007

Ebisu_2 Days left!!!

Yup, anotha mom & pops store is closing in Hawaii Ne. fuck.
fuck only goin get haole foods like mc's, jacks, walmart, get da fucken picture!

dey wuz dea before i wuz born, 30 + years!
go deh tomorrow or else. sunday is da last day, go deh!
eat watevahs dey get, no bitch! jus grinds.

ahh shit, just go eat. hopefully i can make it on sunday fo da last grinds.
some of us gotta work fo 3 weeks str8 and still get fucked over. PTB,TB,BT, fuck you!!!!!

dey stay on south king st, between pumehana and mccully st. just look fo times on da left and stay on da far right hand lane. no parking but fuck em just go grinds.

shoots, go grind!!!!

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