Saturday, November 3, 2007

Streets 'Zine Fest!! Coming up!

We’ve decided to try and get some of you monkeys to be creative. Yes, we are holding the Streets ‘Zine Fest. I know that all of you know what a ‘Zine is. I know that all of you have something to say and I want to read it all. Basically, the rules are going to be no teams. You can work with someone else, however I want different ‘Zines from everyone. They’ll have to be 8 half-sheets (2 pcs of 8-1/2x11 folded in half, double sided) long and have a production run of 10 copies. That way, everyone will be able to read them. You will have 1 week to do the ‘Zine which should be plenty, this is only a ‘Zine. I’m trying to give everyone a heads up on what’s going on. The actual time frame begins next Sunday. I will post the rest of the rules on November 11th. The get-together and readings will be held at a yet-to-be-disclosed location and time, although it will be on November 18th. If you have any questions, other than the specific rules, just let me know. Check out


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Anonymous said...

sold my purple bike, new bike in the works. I bet it's not raining in HI like it is now in WA. Duane, remember how every windshild in Seattle is cracked, i just got the biggest crack. It goes 1/2 way across my windshild. lame.