Monday, November 19, 2007

Streets 'Zine Fest!! Results

Thanks to everyone for coming out to our first Streets ‘Zine Fest. The turn out was decent with about 20 people showing up. Unfortunately, only 6 ‘Zines were turned in but that’s fine. I think it gave us more time to read through all the entries. I know that if I decide to do another ‘Zine Fest, there will definitely be more out there.
As for the entries this time we had “No Pressure D-Zines” by Zed, “07 Hawaii” by Lisa Ballard and Peter Adam, “The Zoo” by Oscar Watts, “Exil” by Cuyler Yogi, “The Lines On The Streets Lead To Zine” by Josue Escribano, and “Kitchen Sink” by me. Here are the winners for the Fest.

Most Informative – Kitchen Sink
Best Made-Up Mail Order – The Lines On The Streets Lead To Zine
Best Picture – The Zoo
Best Review – ’07 Hawaii
Best Interview – Tie – No Pressure D-Zines & Kitchen Sink
Best Overall – ’07 Hawaii

After the first round of voting, there were a couple of ties. After the second round of voting, there was still one tie but since the restaurant was closing we decided to end it there.
We need to thank the crew over at Tio’s for having us and allowing us to get rowdy over there. I’d like to thank Keith and all the crew at Ride BMX for helping out and sponsoring this little event. I’d also like to see Keith’s face when he finds out that the kid who won the years subscription lives in Ireland.

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